Insurance: how to safely move your horse from one place to another?

Calling on a professional to transport your horse is more reasonable than taking the risk of doing it yourself. In addition to potential incidents, paperwork can be a problem if it is not in order. That's why you need to consider delegating the job to a company that possesses the right means and skills when it comes to horse handling. To o so, start by searching online and picking the offer that suits you best.

Online solutions

Are you wondering how you can safely move your horse from one place to another? You should know that online insurance is the right solution for you! Indeed, these private structures can guarantee that your horse can be moved without any trouble. All you have to do is sign up with the right provider and let them do all the work for you, including the necessary paperwork. To learn more about the subject, we urge you to explore the Horsebox policy here, the latter being an insurance offer dedicated to horse transport. As a matter of fact, this guarantee can be purchased remotely and is designed to take care of the safety of your animal during the whole journey.

The benefits of subscribing to the Horsebox policy

The Horsebox policy delivers several benefits compared to other insurance offers. Firstly, it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to get in touch with a manager at any time, even on public holidays. Secondly, the staff is very responsive to customer queries. Indeed, with Horsebox, the response to your quote request is almost instantaneous, the action taking only one minute. If you are unhappy with the service offered, you can make complaints or changes as required. All in all, this proves the seriousness of the company in all its actions, whether big or small!

Horsebox's commitment

Horsebox is committed to providing a professional service to all their clients. For instance, during its journey, your horse will be taken care of by an underwriter and not just any caretaker. That said, in addition to managing the safety of the animal, they also take care of its feeding. Thanks to their special skills, they will know if your horse is hungry or thirsty and will intervene if necessary. In the same vein, Horsebox have vehicles of all sizes and always deploy the right model according to the size of the animals, whether they are adult horses or ponies, but also according to their number. This strategy helps to reduce the risk of incidents due to animal discomfort.

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