Professional insurance

What exactly is reinsurance?

Being a guarantee for insurers, reinsurance is as basic as insurance! It simply consists of the reinsurer undertaking to reimburse the customer for a share of the premiums paid when the risks are incurred. In other words, the insurer transfers…

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What are the innovations possible in the insurance world?

Insurance companies are essential social actors. They guarantee the financial, economic and human capital of legal and natural persons. Due to the changing needs of the latter, insurers need to innovate to adapt to the changing environment, and several factors…

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What are the compulsory insurances for the self-employed?

When it comes to insurance options, it is often not easy to decide which plan to take out. Some of the questions that need answering are what the most important insurance policies for independent businesses are and which ones are…

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What is business risk insurance?

Commercial property insurance is the most widely written agreement for insurance companies as it offers extensive protection against professional risks and allows the corporation’s actors to concentrate on their duties. What is comprehensive business insurance? Comprehensive insurance can be considered…

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Transfer of business: why you should go for the seller’s loan guarantee?

A seller’s loan is a procedure that can help you sell your business quickly. It is therefore very important to understand how it works and know the conditions for its implementation. The seller’s loan in a nutshell A seller’s loan…

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Professional use of a drone: what are the methods available to insure it?

The use of drones has now become very popular worldwide. The conditions of their use have generated huge debates. Currently, regulations concerning it have been implemented for professional use. Knowledge of the various legal requirements that apply and the specific…

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