What are the compulsory insurances for the self-employed?

When it comes to insurance options, it is often not easy to decide which plan to take out. Some of the questions that need answering are what the most important insurance policies for independent businesses are and which ones are the most useful. When starting a company, an insurance plan must be purchased. The small and medium-sized business needs survey gives you an idea of what you need. We have compiled all the information you need in the below piece.

What insurance is required for the self-employed?

- Civil liability: think of yourself as a building contractor who has made a mistake in building a family home. After a while, the house leans badly and cracks appear on the facades. As a builder, you must pay compensation to the owner who was injured or affected as a result of your negligence. In this case, professional indemnity insurance is included. - Insurance to protect workers: do you have employees? If so, you must take out insurance to protect employees against the effects of accidents that may occur while working and travelling between work and home.

Other compulsory insurance plans for the self-employed

Car liability insurance: this is a compulsory requirement for car insurance, so anyone self-employed must take out this guarantee. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need other insurance by law. Know that to learn more about the subject, some online research is needed.

The main insurance policies for the self-employed

Several insurance plans are considered to be very practical, while not being compulsory: - Supplementary health insurance: this policy covers part of your medical costs during your stay in the hospital, otherwise you will have to pay these costs yourself after your health insurance fund has intervened. - After an accident or illness, the reimbursement from the social security fund is often limited. Make sure you find out about the costs of disability insurance to reduce your loss of income. For more information on this subject, simply explore specialised websites on the subject. - The allowance assigned by self-employed companies is generally lower than that paid by workers. This is why the self-employed are usually interested in accumulating savings for a supplementary pension. They can do this through other annuity insurance schemes.

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