Rental Car Insurance

The Four Types of Rental Car Insurance, Explained

If you’re renting a car, you may be asked if you want to buy rental car insurance. But what exactly does rental car insurance cover? Here’s a quick rundown of the four main types of rental car insurance. Basic rental…

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Insurance: how to safely move your horse from one place to another?

Calling on a professional to transport your horse is more reasonable than taking the risk of doing it yourself. In addition to potential incidents, paperwork can be a problem if it is not in order. That’s why you need to…

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What is a bank guarantee?

Do you have a house in mind or a project in mind but are having trouble securing the necessary funds? Taking out a loan from a bank is one of the best alternatives. But getting a loan is not easy….

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Is the two-year guarantee mandatory?

The two-year guarantee is a cover put in place to enable a house owner to call for repairs or replacements at the expense of the company that carried out the work in his or her house. Here, we will take…

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Why is health insurance compulsory when it comes to companies?

For quite some time now, every company, whether in the private or public sector, has had to provide its employees with a compulsory health insurance scheme. It is therefore necessary for everyone to know the reasons for this. Here is…

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Top-up health insurance: what distinguishes it from its mutual health counterpart?

Mutual health insurance has often been confused with health insurance. While the services and objectives they offer are similar and they both provide you with individual cover and guarantee broader reimbursements relative to those offered by the Social Security, they…

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How to insure a infrequent driver?

Some people use their vehicles very little over a year. Car insurance is a significant expense, and its cost can quickly become a burden on the budget of occasional road users. However, some packages are tailored to the infrequent drivers,…

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Zero mileage aid’s main benefits

The zero mileage aid is a car cover, allowing the insured to have the guarantee to be assisted at any time, from the threshold of their home, while benefitting from other benefits. Not all insurance companies offer this type of…

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Flatsharing: how to get insurance?

A home insurance policy is necessary in case of a shared tenancy, as in all other types of tenancy. This contract, which can be signed by the flatmates or the landlord, should protect not only the inhabitants but also the…

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