Is the two-year guarantee mandatory?

The two-year guarantee is a cover put in place to enable a house owner to call for repairs or replacements at the expense of the company that carried out the work in his or her house. Here, we will take a comprehensive look at the two-year guarantee.

What is a two-year guarantee?

The two-year guarantee is an additional insurance policy put in place to protect the equipment repaired or replaced for the two years following the delivery of the work. The purpose of this guarantee is to protect the user or buyer of the object, equipment or tool built following the said work against issues related to potential malfunctions. Moreover, this insurance has been established to cover any damage resulting from construction work.

Is it compulsory to take out a two-year guarantee?

The answer is no, it is not compulsory to take out a two-year guarantee. However, every builder or professional working in the real estate sector will have the duty to repair or replace faulty elements. It is therefore strongly recommended to take out this type of guarantee, especially knowing that the financial consequences of damage that may occur during or after the work in your home may be difficult to cope with.

When exactly is the two-year guarantee necessary?

There are several cases in which the biennial guarantee might be necessary. For instance, when certain tools or equipment used in the work are not functioning properly. However, there are also specific cases that may or may not be covered by the two-year guarantee, such as plumbing, painting, flooring, etc. Regarding plumbing, all operations intended for the repair, reconstruction or restructuring of equipment that is not authoritative depend on the guarantee of functioning, which is decided in court. It's worth noting that the two-year guarantee does not apply to paintwork because the latter is considered technical work and is rather affected by the ten-year the building damage guarantees. With regards to floor coverings, the operational guarantee does not apply either but is part of the features of the ten-year insurance.

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