What is business risk insurance?

Commercial property insurance is the most widely written agreement for insurance companies as it offers extensive protection against professional risks and allows the corporation's actors to concentrate on their duties.

What is comprehensive business insurance?

Comprehensive insurance can be considered the most complete guarantee for every company. Prestigious businesses like auto contractors can take this kind of coverage to protect themselves from various risks. The insurance usually covers a complete list of guarantees, including liability, financial protection and business premises insurance. Indeed, the hardware and every computer data of the insured are guaranteed, and the insurance company also provides financial support in case of business losses. In the event of a dispute, professional legal protection allows the insured to obtain assistance. Comprehensive business insurance is not compulsory. Nevertheless, it is crucial to the smooth running of the business. It should be noted, however, that certain occupations may require professional liability insurance, just like the ten-year insurance for construction firms.

What are risks the risks managed by this type of insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance covers a wide range of risks, including fire, explosion and potential electrical damage. Likewise, the insured will be protected against theft, vandalism and glass breakage. Natural disasters such as hail and storms are also included in the list, but refund depends on specific formalities. Before signing an assistance agreement, calling on an insurance expert is usually required.

Who should you call to take out business multi-risk insurance?

Struggling to pick a business multi-risk insurance policy that is tailored to your activity? Do you have furniture, buildings or IT equipment you should protect? Are you self-employed, a contractor, a manufacturer, a construction worker or a service company? All these are the questions you should ask yourself before taking out business multi-risk insurance. Indeed, the said guarantee covers most of the risks that companies may face. The insurance contract also provides several additional protections, allowing you to benefit from a tailor-made insurance plan. Striggling to choose between a general or professional insurance company or commercial insurance broker? Know that some providers can offer you a quote for a comprehensive business insurance policy. Some of them offer contracts related to specific sectors of activity: independent insurance, catering insurance, multi-risk auto entrepreneurs, and multi-risk associations. In terms of price, the amount you pay for business insurance depends on various criteria, including the field of activity, choice of additional insurance, turnover, and other benchmarks. Note that the business insurance quote request form will allow you to sell to partner insurance companies and brokers within 48 hours.

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