What is the best insurance coverage for a rider’s van?

In the world of horses, taking part in a competition or an ordinary ride requires a van and like any other vehicle, it is in the interest of riders to get insurance for their vans, not only to be able to travel freely on public roads but also to protect themselves against potential lawsuits. Although each rider's needs may be different, there are better ways than others to protect a van.

24-hour term insurance

Van insurers in the world of horseback riding have specific guarantee proposals, one of them being the 24-hour temporary insurance plan, which meets the needs of many types of riders. For instance, it can cover horse transfers, race participation, a trip to the vet, a move, etc. All you need to do is pay a subscription fee when you need to travel with your animal. This temporary formula also works with the van rental services. However, to get the right coverage, you will have to go to a specialist insurer such as MS Amlin. There is indeed little point in taking out a long-term policy if you only need to move your horse occasionally and even unexpectedly.

An 90-day insurance cover

During the peak competition seasons or holiday periods, it is more useful to choose a 90-day insurance package. The cover can also be for only 30 or 45 days, depending on the start and end of the events you will be attending. Whatever the duration of your insurance package, you can either go for the third-party type or the comprehensive one. With the former, your company only covers damage to third parties. If you want compensation for all cases, i.e. fire, theft, accidents, etc., you should go for the comprehensive cover type.

An annual insurance package

If you are active all year round, it is best to choose an annual insurance policy for your horse trailer since its benefits include lower costs and total convenience. Also, you won't have to apply for insurance every time; knowing how often you transport your horse determines the ideal time and span for the chosen insurance contract. Whichever option you choose, be aware that your van can travel with or without a towing vehicle. You will also need to consider the value of the equipment you are carrying when picking your policy. Finally, bear in mind that the van is not included in the towing vehicle cover.

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